We danken Jos van Schelde Exotech voor het schenken van de domeinnaam AKF is naast het Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival een apparaten- en ketelfabriek. In 1998 is het bedrijf overgenomen door Schelde Exotech BV.

Met de nieuwe domeinnaam hopen we een breed publiek te trekken die ons makkelijker online kan vinden.

As per 1st December 1998 we have transferred our knowledge, expertise and all records and files to SCHELDE EXOTECH BV

SCHELDE EXOTECH BV is a certified company in accordance with ISO 9001 2000. The quality management system is applicable to: Design, manufacturing and repair of pressure -, heat exchanging -, process – and special equipment for the chemical -, petro-chemical – and energy generating industries as well as universities, scientific institutes and military organizations, according to national and international codes, including associated welding controls in accordance with the requirements of the European Welding Codes.

In addition SCHELDE EXOTECH BV has an ASME U(+ U2)-stamp and  National Board R-stamp authorization, a Safety Quality Licence from PRC  and is certified by Lloyd’s for the H/H1-module according to the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Except for the design and manufacture of pressure, heat exchanging, process and special equipment, SCHELDE EXOTECH BV is also able to supply all spare parts and repairs for equipment supplied by AKF.

If you want more information please contact us:

P.O.Box 531
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 118 485990
Fax:     +31 118 485959