Keep an Eye Masterclasses: Career Development

Being an artist in every day life comes with its every day challenges! How do you stay true to your product and/or yourself? What are your plans and expectations and how do you cope with insecurities in your professional career? In this 3 week course we ‘zoom’ in on the personal aspects of your life as an artist. We will talk about subjects like creativity and fear (of failure), in between jobs, time management, how to deal with setbacks or criticism. And of course I will try to answer all of your personal questions. This is a course for all artists from different disciplines. A great way to get inspired and inspire others!

Anne studied Kleinkunst (acting and writing for theatre) at the Koningstheaterakademie in ‘s Hertogenbosch. She was a performing artist in a succesfull theatre-duo for 14 years. After her career as a performing artist she worked as a manager in the music industry and behind the scenes at the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival. She  now enjoys helping creative entrepreneurs and artists in their career; for artistic and personal development. She also directs performing artists and gives workshops about stage performance for companies.

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Dates: November 10, 17 and 24
Time: 19.30 – 21.30 uur
Zoom sessions
Price: €36,-